About Us

At Porterhaus Fine Food butchery we pride ourselves on supplying you with the best possible quality meat products and home-made smallgoods.

We draw on over 30 years experience and relationships with the best livestock supplies available.
At Porterhaus we promise to you to buy the best lamb and beef available at all times (which is always a moving landscape),We age all of our beef a preferred 21 days to optimize tenderness and only buy female pigs from selected farms to ensure the best consistent quality possible.

We guarantee you our home-made smallgoods are uncomparable. We smoke and bake our smallgoods the old-fashioned way, real smoke, not fake flavourings. We also use only the best quality female pork for all of our ham and bacon, as when you start with premium raw products you can achieve excellence.

From our smoked leg ham to our black pudding,beef & cheese kransky, cabana or our Spanish chorizo that give your pasta sauce or pizza that supreme taste sensation, we guarantee, no-one compares!

Porterhaus is also committed to giving you an online shopping opportunity that is as user friendly, flexible and interactive as our shop itself !!

Our online shopping website is constructed to be as user friendly as possible to you. We are endeavoring to provide you with the ability to pick and choose your products by the way of numbers as such and not just the standard full kilogram inflexible systems provided by supermarkets and other bulk online providers. To be able to provide a service like this we have to be guided by our estimated weights of cuts of meat that Porterhaus uses for general supply and purposes. All orders are required to be payed in full prior to being delivered so the checkout bill online could never be exact to the total finished bill upon completing an order. So we have structured this system to come up with an outcome that that will definitely fall within a 10% variance, with all probability it being less than rather than the other.

We are trialing this system from scratch where you will purchase your products on line which will total a bill for you calculating packaging and delivery as well.